Wedding Planning Advice from Katlyn Reilly Photography Couples

If you’re a client of mine, you know that in your wedding day questionnaire you fill out shortly before your big day, I ask you for advice for couples that will be in your shoes, too. If you’re currently planning or soon to be planning a wedding, here is some advice from some old pros I know that might help you out!

What is your most valuable piece of advice you can share with future couples?

“Don't forget to have fun.”- Sam and Colin, married in September of 2017

The Narragansett Towers
Katlyn Reilly Photography - Intimate Massachusetts Wedding

“Do Not Stress about it. You get to marry your most favorite person in the whole wide world, 1 day out of your whole lifetime. Anything and everything could go wrong that day, but the fact, you getting married, will still happen, and what more do you really need?”- Melissa and Tim, married in September of 2017


“Be adventurous, and don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone to try what makes your significant other happy.”- Kelley and Brian, married in October of 2017

“Plan everything together, don't give each other tasks. Communicate throughout.”- Joseph and Colleen, married in October of 2017

Hartman's Herb Farm Fall Wedding
Stonehedge Inn and Spa Wedding

“Have a short engagement. Wedding planning takes up a lot of your time, and with a shorter engagement there's less time to second guess decisions or waffle between lots of options.”- Melinda and Adam, married in October of 2017

“Plan early, plan often- and have fun with it.”- Lexi and Joe, married in July of 2018

The Red Barn ME Wedding

“Fall more in love everyday.”- Gabby and Mitch, married in August of 2018

Spencer MA Wedding Photographer

“Be patient, be kind and be silly.”- Andrea and Mark, married in August of 2018

Pleasant Valley Country Club Wedding MA
Hartman Herb Farm Wedding

“Have fun, travel lots, be patient, and don't try to change each other-if you can make it through the tough and tragic stuff, the rest is easy breezy, keep the person who will wake up with you in the middle of the night during the hardest times.”- Alley and Sonya, married in August of 2018

“Small wedding, big honeymoon.”- Heather and Mallory, married in September of 2018

Intimate Massachusetts Wedding
The Red Barn at Hampshire College Wedding

“Love is 100/100 not 50/50, you have to give all yourself to the other person to make your relationship the best it can be. Your wedding is about love, two people being connected for the rest of their life, a wedding isn't about all the frills and minor details - so don't worry about everything. Take the time to laugh!” - Alex and Nathan, married in September of 2018

Butternut Farm Golf Club Wedding

“Enjoy every minute of the planning process. It flies by. (even with a 2 year engagement) Go with your gut. When you know things are right you get that gut feeling. Don't get stressed out --everything has a way of working out.” Angela and Matt, married in October of 2018

“Be careful of taking on other projects during same time when planning for a wedding.” - Mary and Bob, married in October of 2018

Nashoba Valley Winery Wedding
The Publick House Wedding

“Communication is truly key. Also, be realistic in who you are, and who your partner is. Accept both of your flaws, and strong points.” - Taralyn + Aaron, married in October of 2018

“Life happens, learn to grow together when changes occur. Be a team no matter what.”- Erin and Justin, married in October of 2018

Pleasant Valley Country Club Wedding

Thank you to my lovely clients who had some words of wisdom for future wedding planners!

Until next time..