Personal post- How I met Your- er, How I met my husband.

It’s personal post time! Lately I’ve been realizing I need to bust out of my shell. I’m shy and introverted so this is something I’ve always had troubles with. I have no problem rocking a wedding day, chumming it up with guests and bridal party alike- getting to know people, it’s a lot of fun! When it comes to Katlyn the person as opposed to Katlyn the photographer, I clam up! I’m going to try and share more of myself so that potential clients can get to know me a little better, and so that I can grow, too! I want to start out with the story of how I met my husband. I get to hear about how so many people met their significant others, I figured, why not share my story? 

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Country Gardens Wedding – Amanda & Brenden

The first time I met Amanda and Brenden in person, they were dressed as Wednesday Adams and Uncle Fester at our mutual friend's Halloween party. They absolutely rocked those costumes and immediately I knew we would get along. 

If I had to describe Amanda and Brenden using three words they would be kind, warm, and loving.

Check out some photographs from their beautiful wedding day and I know you will see what I mean!

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