frequently asked questions

Q: I am interested in hiring you to shoot my wedding, how do I start?

Fantastic! Send me a line at, or give me a call at (774) 276-9070. It is helpful if you tell me the date of your wedding and location in the first message, so I can tell you if I am available.

Q: How much does a wedding photography package cost?

Packages begin at $3,000. Refer to the "Pricing" page at the top of the website for more info!

Q: How much is the retainer?

A $1000.00 non-refundable retainer is required to reserve the wedding date.

Q: Is the retainer a separate fee?

Nope! The retainer goes towards the wedding package of your choosing.

Q: How far should we book in advance?

You can contact me at any time, but generally people will contact and book me anywhere from 6 months to a year and a half out from their wedding date. The sooner the better, I say! This will give you a better chance that your date will be available for sure. Don't risk someone else scooping that date up!

Q: Will you be shooting the wedding?

Yes! Depending on the package you select, there is also a trusty second photographer that I bring along with me!

Q: Where are you based and where do you travel?

I am based in Worcester County but have traveled throughout the New England area and am willing to travel anywhere I’m hired to shoot!

Q: Does that mean you shoot destination weddings?

Yeeeees! I have a special rate for destination weddings. Get in touch and we'll chat about it more!

Q: Can we meet in person?

Absolutely! We can meet up at my office in Worcester, MA or we can select another venue together in which to meet up.

Q: Do you offer prints? Do I have to buy them from you?

Yes, I offer prints. You are not required to order them through my professional vendors, but I would recommend it. The difference in quality you will receive is definitely noticeable, so I like to help people as much as I can get the quality images they deserve. 

Q: Do you offer wedding albums?

Yes. Each wedding package contains a photobook or an album from your big day. I believe in the tangible, so these cannot be removed from packages- I want you to have one! You’ll thank me when you have a lovely book to show friends and family! ;) Additional copies are available for order as well.

Q: Can I have the RAW images?

I do not give out any RAW images. They are my negatives and do not represent the beautiful finished product you will be receiving. Much like a meal- the ingredients don’t make the final dish!

Q: Do you give us every image you photograph?

No way! You wouldn’t want to see them all- trust me on that! Don't believe me? Google "Beyoncé superbowl bad photos" vs "Beyoncé superbowl" ;)

I edit out all of the "bad" photos- think funny faces, eyes half closed, blurry images, duplicates, test shots.. anything that would detract from your wedding photographs. Once those are out of the way they are deleted and I only deliver the best images from your day.

Q: How long until I get my photos back?

It generally takes 4-6 weeks to receive your edited digital images via gallery. After that we create your album or photobook together.

A preview of the wedding is generally posted on the Katlyn Reilly Photography Facebook fan page the evening following the wedding. Hopefully it helps satisfy your excitement until the rest are ready!

Q: What is in engagement session? Do you charge extra for this?

An engagement session is included in most of my packages, but can be added on for packages it is not included with. People generally use their engagement photographs for announcements and guest books, but you can use them for whatever you'd like. The engagement session is a great time for me to get to know the two of you and see how you are in front of a camera. It's also great practice for you before your big day! 

Q: When do we see the engagement photographs? How many will there be?

Engagement photographs are edited within 2-4 weeks after the session date. Generally there ends up being between 40-65 final images.

Q: When should we do the session?

The sooner, the better! It also depends on whether or not you are using the images for a Save the Date, wedding website, guestbook, etc.

Q: What is a first look? Why would I want a first look? Isn't it bad luck to see each other before the ceremony?

I wrote a blog post on the first look- it can be many couple’s favorite moments and/or photos of their day! Check it out here.

First looks can provide privacy for a special and intimate moment. It can help calm your nerves, as well! As for bad luck, I don't believe that's the case, but that is really all up to you!

Q: Can we do these photos I found on Pinterest?

We can certainly chat about what drew you to the photos you found on Pinterest! However, your wedding is unique, just like the two of you. I like to work with you and your personalities in mind. All photographers have their own unique style, as I'm sure you are aware! Take a look through my portfolio, my blog, and my Facebook Fan Page. This will give you a better idea if my style matches the photography you have been envisioning for your big day.

Q: What if we go over the scheduled shooting time?

If we go over your scheduled booked time, you can hire me for additional time at $350.00 per hour. I will always make sure with you that day before staying longer. If you know in advance you will need additional time we can talk about it beforehand.

Q: How much time do we need for photographs?

This is very much dependent on the size of your wedding, the amount of people included in your formal photographs, and the locations we are traveling to for the photographs. The more time you can give me, the more photographs you will have to choose from, the more locations we can explore, and the less stress you will feel on the day! I would optimally like to have an hour to an hour and a half for formal photographs- this would include photographs of you and your bridal party, you and your family, and of course- the two of you! When we discuss your wedding and timeline of your day we can figure out a time frame that works best for your needs.

The questions she asked us at our first consultation really made me think about what the pictures would mean to us over the course of our married life, and made me feel very confident in her ability to capture the meaningful moments!
— Caleigh K.